Emcor introduces 42-inch deep 10 Series enclosure

ROCHESTER, MN – November 1, 2007 – Peggy Elliott, Emcor's Manager, Enclosure Sales And Engineering, announced today the release of Emcor's new 42" Deep 10 Series Electronic Equipment Enclosure.

"We are excited about the 42" deep 10 Series enclosure as it represents a much anticipated addition to our existing flagship 10 Series product. Available in both 19" and 24" wide configurations, the new 42" deep enclosures offer an off-the-shelf solution that allows our customers to accommodate today's deeper servers and other equipment. The deeper space also provides more room for expanded cable and thermal management, plus general access. We have also added accessories that improve the functionality of the 10 Series product," Elliott stated.

Like all Emcor enclosures, 10 Series enclosures feature fully welded construction, making them one of the most robust designs on the market. With a static load capacity of 3,500 pounds they provides the strength and rigidity to accommodate and protect your valuable servers and electronic equipment.

Elliott added, "One of the nice new features of the 42" enclosures is the split vertical side panels. Since the side panels can be removed individually, they allow easy access into specific areas of the enclosure for electronics configuration or maintenance. The individual panels are light weight and easy to handle. Side panels are available in either solid or vented configurations.

The 42" deep enclosures, like many of the 10 Series racks, accept contour doors which are available in many options including a glass insert, perforated steel insert, or a solid steel insert."

More info: www.emcorenclosures.com