ELMO i-Catcher suite delivers IP-based surveillance

i-Code Systems suite to be distributed by ELMO USA in U.S.

Several important security features are embedded in the i-Catcher system. For example, user profile authentication ensures that only authorized persons can view the system. i-Catcher also detects tampering with recorded images. If any recorded image is altered, a warning message pops up on the screen. It also advises designated parties by e-mail. The integrity of the stored video files is ensured because each frame is recorded with a digital signature. If the signature missing, the user is immediately notified.

i-Catcher's software gives the user total flexibility in preparing layouts. The user can create a customized view of a monitored facility and place camera images anywhere on the PC screen and adjust size and camera position with a mouse.

i-Catcher can be easily and economically expanded, and existing infrastructure can be used without investing in additional network equipment or traditional coaxial cabling. ELMO's i-Catcher software suite ranges in price from $350 to $3,400.