ELMO i-Catcher suite delivers IP-based surveillance

PLAINVIEW, NY -- ELMO USA Corporation is pleased to announce that it has secured distribution rights in the United States for the i-Catcher IP video surveillance suite to complement its IP camera line. The i-Catcher software, developed by i-Code Systems of the UK, offers a scalable IP surveillance system with outstanding ease of use and sophisticated features for systems utilizing up to 32 cameras.

"We can now offer our customers a complete IP solution that makes the transition to IP surveillance easy for the installer and the end user," said Gil DeLiso, ELMO's National Sales Manager. "In addition to a very simple setup, i-Catcher provides users running a single PC with the ability to manage and record up to 32 IP cameras with up to 16 cameras displayed simultaneously." The i-Catcher product is cost-effective for both greenfield or brownfield installations, and we are confident that it will quickly prove its value for our customers."

With a range of features and flexibility normally found in high-level systems, i-Catcher software is available in two levels of product, i-Catcher Console 3.0 and Console 3.0 Enterprise. Both provides critical NVR level features, like a central server function, auto-archiving to networked storage, video tampering notifications, object tracking and trip-wires which are all available even in a basic four camera system. I-Catcher allows the user the flexibility to utilize the PC hardware of their choice, provided minimum requirements are met, and a wide variety of video sources.

According to DeLiso, "i-Catcher is compatible with ELMO IP cameras as well as many third-party IP cameras, encoders and video capture cards to provide remote access to high-quality video images. It is suitable for operation on a LAN, private networks and communicating across public broadband Ethernet connections."

Advanced motion detection triggers i-Catcher to record events with adjustable pre- and post-event recording capabilities. Multiple search options enhance image retrieval, viewing, and management either locally or via the browser interface. i-Catcher's privacy/masking function makes it easy to select areas that the user does not want to display. This feature is effective in preventing unwanted motion detection alerts. The software can send event images to a designated FTP site or as email attachments. Designated users can also be notified via SMS or NetBIOS messages.

i-Catcher software can control PTZ functions of supported cameras from many manufacturers to automatically track and record surveillance targets. It can also accomplish this and can even track targets in a fixed IP camera by utilizing its digital zoom capabilities. The software reacts to each subject by tracking them automatically.

i-Catcher's playback system allows instant review of recorded footage—all while still recording. Its innovative software makes it possible to view and record "live" and recorded images simultaneously, allowing security personnel to check real-time changes in surveillance areas. "Live" video and playback images can be distributed over one or more displays.

i-Catcher's Monitor, an available upgrade to the Console 3.0, allows viewing of one or four feeds simultaneously with the option to expand to full screen. Views are cycled through user-defined lists and change after a user-defined period. The i-Catcher Pocket upgrade delivers live video to a PDA.

Several important security features are embedded in the i-Catcher system. For example, user profile authentication ensures that only authorized persons can view the system. i-Catcher also detects tampering with recorded images. If any recorded image is altered, a warning message pops up on the screen. It also advises designated parties by e-mail. The integrity of the stored video files is ensured because each frame is recorded with a digital signature. If the signature missing, the user is immediately notified.

i-Catcher's software gives the user total flexibility in preparing layouts. The user can create a customized view of a monitored facility and place camera images anywhere on the PC screen and adjust size and camera position with a mouse.

i-Catcher can be easily and economically expanded, and existing infrastructure can be used without investing in additional network equipment or traditional coaxial cabling. ELMO's i-Catcher software suite ranges in price from $350 to $3,400.