Coast Guard seeks port security consultants

With refreshed coiffeurs holding $6 million grant funding slated for port security improvement around the Delaware River and Bay, the U.S. Coast Guard is looking for a few good private security consultants adept in port environments.

As part of the funding, the USCG is working with the Area Maritime Security Committee to solicit private sector security consultants to aid in providing a comprehensive security/vulnerabilities assessment for the Delaware Bay port region. The selected consultant will be involved in a thorough review of the security, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities, and will also be involved in planning of security enhancements for the port region.

How to file the RFP (from the U.S. Coast Guard)
Any firm that wishes to receive a copy of the Request for Proposal may download a copy from or contact Ms. Lisa Himber of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, 240 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106. Ms. Himber may also be reached at 215-925-2615 or by email at The Maritime Exchange, by agreement with Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard, through the AMSC, has agreed to function as the fiduciary agent for the supplemental port security grants, as provided for by Congress.