Arteco-Mobile releases handheld mobile video applications

St. Louis, MO (January 2008) - Arteco, an industry leader in the field of Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) products for the security industry, has announced the release of the first handheld mobile video application designed to work in tandem with Intelligent Video Solution (IVS) products – ARTECO-MOBILE. ARTECO-MOBILE adds value to business security in reducing false-alarms through visual verification.

"False alarms represent a serious problem in the security industry. Intelligent Video is finally being recognized as a key tool in reducing this problem through real-time video verification," said Steve Birkmeier, Arteco's Vice President. "ARTECO-MOBILE provides another integrated layer in reducing false-alarms by allowing personnel in the field to view live real-time video from the same handheld web-enabled device that notifies them of the security event talking place."

ARTECO-MOBILE, a JAVA–based software designed for pocket PC's and SmartPhones, allows instant access to real-time video from a network enabled ARTECO-IVS. When the IVS detects an event, it sends a real-time email to personnel with event details and a JPEG snapshot of the event taking place. With ARTECO-MOBILE, personnel can instantly access real-time video on their phone for further verification.

Although mobile video from video surveillance servers is not a new technology, what is new and unique about ARTECO-MOBILE is that it is used on a common mobile platform with Intelligent Video. This further extends the use of video analytics as a force multiplier and essential tool in reducing false alarms.

In a patrol setting, guards in the field can now not only be notified via email or text message of security events, but can use the same mobile phone to access live video and assess the situation. In a non-patrol setting, users who receive emailed details of the event taking place can quickly verify the authenticity of the alarm through live mobile video before acknowledging dispatch.

"As more municipalities mandate that police will not dispatch on alarm without verification, the need for products to fight this problem continues to grow," Birkmeier continues. "As a mobilized threat validation, ARTECO-MOBILE allows security personnel to do more with less."

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