Pelco by Schneider Electric

New Pelco Display Brings Bigger, More Energy Efficient Future

Clovis, CA -- The new Pelco 700 Series DLP Display system is designed for the needs of the video security industry. A 50-inch rear projecting display utilizing DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology - a trademark of Texas Instruments - the 700 Series provides superior image quality, with zero burn-in over its entire 11-year, 100,000-hour life cycle.

"The 700 Series delivers a viewing experience unlike anything you have seen before," says Linda Myers, Product Sales Manager. "And most impressively, it does so with significant savings."

At only 18 inches deep, a single 50-inch display delivers the viewing area equivalent to that of twenty-six, 9-inch CRT monitors, yet consumes only 80 percent of the power and 20 percent of the physical space. It even uses 30 percent less power than plasma displays.

"With just a single display, the 700 Series offers a scalable solution that is more space efficient, costs less per viewing square inch, and uses less power than the multitude of traditional monitors it replaces," Myers says. "Or you can use it as an alternative to CRTs."

According to Pelco developers, when set-up with Multiviewers, each 700 Series display can be configured with up to 120 inputs, each scalable and able to be moved across any single display. In addition, the 700 Series can be stacked or nested together to form an impressive, state-of-the-art video wall. Connect a video controller, and you are free to stretch and scale an almost limitless number of video inputs across all displays. Combining efficient form with unmatched function, the 700 Series delivers a fluid viewing experience customizable to your needs.