Panasonic Previews New X-Protect Network Recording Software

Orlando, FL -- Panasonic Security Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA), is previewing a new network recording solution called X-Protect here at ASIS 2005. A future addition to the company’s i-Pro Series of network solutions, X-Protect’s versatile architecture will provide live viewing with recording and system control capabilities for network based video surveillance systems. In support of Panasonic’s open infrastructure initiative, the system will also provide new levels of open architecture capable of accommodating IP devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

“Networked systems offer a tremendous degree of versatility with respect to how they are configured, controlled and dispersed, as well as in their processing capabilities,” said Steve Surfaro, Senior Manager of the Enterprise Project Group, Panasonic Security Systems. “The X-Protect system was developed by Milestone Systems to further explore the realm of systems design and implementation ‘outside of the box’. This is a significant market trend that supports Panasonic’s open infrastructure initiative aimed at providing the best possible technologies to our customers at every level of application.”

There are tentative plans to release two initial versions of Panasonic’s X-Protect System: the Basis+ capable of handling up to 25 network cameras; and the Professional for up to 36 cameras. The systems will be capable of recording a maximum of 600,000 still images per day/per camera with JPEG and MPEG4 video streams, and motion and/or event activation. Telemetry for PTZ control with preset functions and alarm notification via e-mail will also be provided. Additionally, the systems will provide audio recording with a “listen-in” capabilities.

Panasonic’s X-Protect joins the new WJ-ND300 NDR and WV-NP1004 and WV-NP244 Network Cameras as part of the company’s newly branded i-Pro Series of IP products. Additional i-Pro Series IP devices include Panasonic’s WV-NS324, WV-NP472, WV-474S, WV-NM100 Network Cameras; GX Series Encoder/Decoders and WV-AS65 NDR/DVR Software.