Panasonic Iris Readers Feature Accurate, Easy to Implement form of Identification and Authentication

Orlando, FL -- Panasonic Security Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA), is displaying the recently introduced BM-ET330 Iris Reader here at ASIS 2005. The new unit, which has already been selected by the TSA for use in the Frequent Traveler Program and the national CHILD Project to help identify and locate missing children, incorporates Panasonic Security Systems’ core video technology to provide non-invasive identification and authentication that is highly accurate and easy to use. In addition, Panasonic Iris Readers offer built-in Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) support for HID PROX and i-Class Smart Card technology making them extremely cost-efficient and easy to integrate with a host of existing access control applications.

“Panasonic Iris Readers deliver fast and accurate system enrollment and authentication without the need for any physical contact with the unit,” said Tim Meyerhoff, Business Development Manager and Iris Reader Subject Matter Expert for Panasonic Security Systems. “No other non-invasive identification system is as precise, easy to use or enduring as iris readers.”

Panasonic’s BM-ET330 Iris Readers capture a detailed image of both irises making it more accurate than other iris reader systems. The system’s enrollment and authentication algorithm, developed by Iridian Technologies, Inc., makes a template or “map” of each person's iris pattern, for storage on a database or onto an access card or token. To verify identity, an individual simply 'looks into' a Panasonic Iris Reader and the system compares his/her iris pattern images with iris templates stored in the database or portable device. If there is a match, the identity is verified.

An advantage of iris recognition technology is that it allows extremely fast one-to-many searches on an extremely large database.

Additional performance features of the BM-ET330 Iris Reader include an advanced self-prompting user guidance system for easy operation, tamper protection using the latest 3DES encryption, and an error rate of only one per 1.2 million on a single eye. The BM-ET330 Iris Reader incorporates an embedded processor with real-time operation for added reliability versus PC-driven biometrics devices. The units can also be used in a systems configuration or stand-alone, with or without a PROX or Smart Card reader connected. The system is compliant with worldwide safety standards, including, CENELEC, (EN 60825-1) and ANSI RP-27.1-96.