TAC Introduces the Enhanced I/NET Seven Security Control Unit

ASIS 2005: ORLANDO, Fla. -- TAC, a world leader in security, building automation, lighting control, and energy solutions, introduces the enhanced Security Control Unit (SCU) family of modular, robust, stand-alone controllers for the I/NET Seven Security Management System. As the basic building blocks of the I/NET system, the SCUs provide a flexible mix of door control and alarm monitoring features with lower installation costs. Downloadable upgrades make it easy and economical to update the equipment to the latest revisions for future-proof access control.

All SCUs function as either a stand-alone device or as part of a larger local area network (LAN) host system with up to four readers and four doors per controller for flexible configurations. The SCU provides controlled access into and exit from an area, provides customizable door sounders and supports the two-man rule creating escorted access for increased security. An SCU can monitor the status of locks and doors, a wide variety of other security input devices, and provide elevator control.

The control unit provides full entry and exit Anti-Passback control and complex sequence control. Alarms and events are protected against power failure and can be routed to selected I/NET Seven workstations and printers, and generate fault messages according to specific programming. Dynamic memory management allows maximum storage of 96,000 cardholders and transactions.

The SCU can be used to implement Smart Card, MIFARE, and Biometric solutions. In addition, the SCU incorporates flash memory to provide a simple mechanism for system updates that protects the customers' investment and maintains strong backward compatibility.

Three versions of the SCU are available to accommodate today's complex system designs. The SCU1284 is a door controller for up to four doors, with 12 supervised inputs and eight Form C relay outputs. The SCU1280 is an input output controller with 12 supervised inputs and eight Form C relay outputs. The SCU1200 is an input controller with 12 supervised inputs.

The I/NET SCUs feature a small footprint for easy installation. In addition, a wide range of enclosures, battery and power options lowers installation costs.

I/NET Seven is TAC's high-performance security system software. Based on peer-to-peer architecture, I/NET uses a network of equalized, independent workstations, and no server computer is required. This allows complete integration of all devices in a system. Eliminating the server and moving access and functions to the workstation level reduces system vulnerability to attack, and lowers maintenance and installation costs.

I/NET's sophisticated alarm management relays warnings to other workstations, refers alarms, initiates pagers, and sends text messages to mobile phones and e-mail addresses. The system also integrates with lighting and environmental controls without multiple front-ends, networks or gateways for true interoperability. I/NET Seven provides a flexible, reliable security solution for integrated, security management as well as complete backward compatibility to protect previous investment in the legacy system.

TAC is online at www.tac.com.