Fargo Launches SecureVault ID Management System

Orlando, FL -- Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced the launch of SecureVault ID Management System at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits. SecureVault is a secure inventory management system for ID card issuance applications. It is designed to track user access and record the movement and use of ID card production materials including cards, ribbons and overlaminates to help prevent card counterfeiting. SecureVault is a self-contained system that can be secured in any ID production site.

“SecureVault adds incremental security to a card program by managing the critical materials that could be used to create fraudulent IDs,” said Alan Fontanella, Fargo’s head of product marketing for secure materials. “The integrity of a secure ID issuance program relies on the assurance that customized overlaminates, cards and ribbons are well protected. SecureVault is another example of Fargo’s commitment to reducing an organization’s vulnerabilities by securing their complete card identity system.”

Each piece of ID card production material stored in SecureVault is registered in its inventory management system. When any ID material is removed, replaced or replenished by a system operator, a digital record is kept of that activity, providing a secure audit trail. Unlike a safe that is opened and closed with a physical key or simple combination code, SecureVault uses a contactless smart card and user password to both authenticate the identity of each system operator and record the date and time of the transaction taking place.

“SecureVault is a natural next-step in increased security for any organization seeking to safeguard the materials used to produce their ID credentials,” added Fontanella. “Government agencies, transportation, drivers’ licenses, higher education, corporate installations, or other high-security environments will see value in this solution.”

SecureVault features a high-quality steel materials cabinet and built-in HID proximity reader for user access control. Its inventory database software offers three levels of security (Administrator, Manager and User) and user access tracking with a date and time stamp. Also available is an optional RFID reader to automatically log materials in and out of SecureVault. Three models are available:

SecureVault 1000: The basic model includes capacity for enough ribbons, cards and overlaminates to create 7000 cards. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $2695.

SecureVault 2000: This larger version can manage materials for more than 10,000 cards. The MSRP is $2795.

SecureVault 2000 with Workstation: With an MSRP of $2995, this station includes an extended operator platform for a monitor, keyboard, camera and signature pad. It also includes the hardware to mount a PC, an uninterrupted power supply with an internal cooling fan and a power surge strip.