American Dynamics Intellex Ultra Digital Video Management System Provides Customers with Better Performance

Orlando, Fla., September 12, 2005 -- Tyco Fire & Security unveiled the American Dynamics Intellex Ultra, a new platform in the suite of Intellex digital video management systems that raises the competitive bar for delivering value, performance, reliability and integration capability. Intellex Ultra’s slim design saves valuable rack space, utilizes the industry’s most compressed video algorithm to reduce storage costs, has a separate solid state system drive to eliminate system down time, offers a RAID 5 option, and seamlessly integrates with the entire Intellex product line, as well as other critical business applications.

“American Dynamics Intellex Ultra’s most innovative feature separates the system drive and data drive which eliminates system down time and ensures that our customers, their employees, and their property are always protected,” said Gareth McClean, director of research and development for Tyco Fire & Security’s American Dynamics product range. “All that while providing them the lowest total cost of ownership available in the industry.”

Intellex Ultra’s streamlined design saves space in the server room by using just three units of highly valuable rack space in comparison to most DVR solutions in its class, which take four or five. Additionally, Intellex Ultra delivers twice the performance of most comparable DVR solutions with higher reliability and value for a two or four Common Image Format (CIF) Digital Video Management System. Measurements of CIF resolutions are commonly used for surveillance purposes. At four CIF and up to 480 images per second, Intellex Ultra is the lowest price per channel DVMS in its class at full frame rate and resolution.

“A customer would have to buy two competing products for every one Intellex Ultra. On top of the additional hardware costs, this means taking up more rack space, which is a vital issue for customers who need to save space in a server room,” said McClean. “Digital video management systems that use more space in the server room mean more cost for storage, air conditioning, etc. Intellex Ultra answers the IT or security manager’s need to save valuable rack space while answering security needs for a reliable, cost-effective solution with integration capability and unrivaled storage power.”

Like all American Dynamics Intellex digital video management systems, Intellex Ultra uses patented Active Content Compression (ACC) algorithm which delivers higher performance and lower cost than using an MPEG-4 or MJPEG solution. Depending on the environment, the ACC compression scheme, designed solely for security applications, provides up to 4 times more compressed video than MJPEG and MPEG-4. This advanced compression reduces the investment required for the customer in network and storage infrastructure.

The Intellex Ultra platform, along with all American Dynamics Intellex solutions, includes new Intellex v4.0 software, which offers a host of features that provide the customer with increased flexibility and control in managing their system. Expanded notification options for alarm and system events, user-defined camera handler capability, and enhanced integration with Network Client, all combine to make the entire Intellex suite the most well-rounded, complete digital video management offering available today.