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American Dynamics Intellex Version 4.0 Software Gives Customers the Flexibility of a Virtual Matrix and More

Orlando, Fla. -- Tyco Fire & Security has released the American Dynamics Intellex® v4.0, the latest version of its industry-leading digital video management software. Users can now view live video from 64 cameras simultaneously with Network Client v4.0, remote management software included with Intellex, while streamlining their security operations with the powerful new Intellex v4.0 feature set.

The expanded capacity of the American Dynamics Network Client v4.0 to stream video combined with matrix keyboard-based control provides a security solution that functions similarly to a virtual matrix. A security professional can instantly pull up simultaneous views from cameras that feed into any number of Intellex systems with the push of a single button on his or her keyboard.

"This new capability makes video security easier to manage," says Gareth McClean, director of research and development for Tyco Fire & Security’s American Dynamics product range. "Instead of having to number and arrange your cameras separately by each Intellex on your video security system, now you can group them into one all-encompassing set of cameras re-numbered logically for more cohesive operation."

Other new capabilities that Intellex v4.0 introduces include improved system stability with Windows XP Pro SP2, alarm-triggered camera re-positioning and email notification of alarm events. These last two features make it easier for security staff to perform their jobs, enabling them to capture video of important incidents and respond quickly even when events occur during their absence from the monitoring station. Alarm notification of hard drive failure, another new feature, provides an immediate alert so that problems can be addressed before losing critical video coverage.

This latest software release is available on all Intellex platforms, including Intellex IP, Intellex DVMS, Intellex LT and the new Intellex Ultra. An upgrade to Intellex v4.0 is also available for existing Intellex systems. The Intellex product family offers the most efficient transmission and storage of video on the market today. The innovative and patented Active Content Compression (ACC) algorithm in all American Dynamics Intellex products outperforms all other available formats, minimizing the bandwidth and storage capacity required to manage video surveillance.