Tyco Security Products

Kantech ioProx Receiver/Transmitter Solution Extends Access Control to Parking Facilities

Orlando, Fla. -- Tyco Fire & Security has expanded its Kantech ioProx card reader line with a new receiver and transmitter solution that makes it much easier for customers to gain access to secured parking facilities.

By providing a read range of up to 80 feet, the new Kantech ioProx solution extends the powerful ioProx card reader system from buildings to parking facilities and anywhere else a distance exists between the cardholder and point of entry. This means cardholders no longer have to get out of their cars to open a secured parking gate the way they would with traditional access control systems that have more limited read ranges.

Instead, they simply press the button on the ioProx transmitter, which is small enough to fit on their key chain and functions similarly to a garage door opener. The ioProx receiver uses radio-frequency (RF) technology secured with encrypted coding to prevent code grabbers from intercepting the system.

The transmitter is available with an optional embedded ioProx tag, which equips it to also work with the ioProx card reader, making it an ideal solution for customers who need to access both a parking facility and an office building without searching for multiple access cards.

“Kantech access control products have always been reliable and easy to use,” said Leon Langlais, general manager for Tyco Fire & Security’s Kantech product range. "Our new Kantech ioProx transmitter and receiver solution accelerates that position."