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American Dynamics’ Programmable Dome Minimizes Security Risks

Orlando, Fla. -- Tyco Fire & Security announced the release of its American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra VII Day/Night programmable dome camera with Enhanced Image Stabilization (EIS), which takes motion detection, image clarity, and night vision to a new level of functionality. Security-conscious organizations can maintain clear, close up video coverage of any suspicious activity, anywhere on the premises.

The American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra VII Day/Night EIS penetrates beyond the visible light spectrum using infrared capabilities. This powerful feature allows it to capture images in scenes so dark that light is undetectable to the human eye. The camera renders excellent color video during daylight and automatically switches to monochrome when the lights go out, providing an ideal solution for any facility that wants to maintain the highest level of security even in low/no-light situations.

The dome can be programmed automatically to shift from one preset position to another in response to motion detection triggers, effectively following the movement in question without any manual intervention, offering a high level of security to facilities, even while a security guard is away from the monitoring station. Motion detection can also be tied to sweeps of the parking lot, entrance lobby, or other pivotal areas using up to 16 patterns, and the dome’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) reduces vibration of the image without causing loss of resolution. This feature is especially useful when the dome is installed in places that subject it to undesirable shaking or moving, such as a pole next to a highway.

“Security incidents don’t typically happen in guarded, well-lit, easily visible areas – that’s just the nature of crime,” said Gareth McClean, director of research and development for Tyco Fire & Security’s American Dynamics product range. “Our SpeedDome Ultra VII Day/Night EIS programmable dome camera ensures that your employees and property are well protected, even if the security guard is busy doing rounds, the lights have gone out, or the dome is shaking. It’s proven ideal for even the most difficult applications.”

The American Dynamics SpeedDome Ultra VII Day/Night EIS programmable dome camera is part of the comprehensive suite of domes, housings, and drones offered by Tyco Fire & Security.