ADT Debuts Xcontrol2 System to Monitor Passengers at Airport Exits

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- ADT Security Services Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, today announced the launch of XControl2, an airport security system that uses video and microwave motion technologies to monitor airport exits for possible security breaches. The system helps target intruders attempting to bypass airport security checkpoints by going the “wrong way” through airport exits or by throwing weapons or other objects to an accomplice waiting on the other side.

The system was recently installed at Dulles International Airport outside the nation’s capitol and is currently being tested at several other major airports around the country.

Paul Brisgone, director of ADT’s Federal Systems Division, said airport exits are traditionally manned by two to three security personnel to ensure security checkpoints are not circumvented. XControl2 can maintain surveillance of exits while freeing up security staff to patrol other airport areas.

“ADT recognizes that properly monitoring airport exits is absolutely critical in maintaining high levels of security,” Brisgone said. “The XControl2 system is the most advanced system available today both for helping detect suspicious activity at airport exits and for aiding airport officials in quickly detaining suspected intruders.”

The XControl2 system is an exit portal featuring an archway design that is flexible enough to be installed within a wide variety of site parameters. The system is unique in that it uses both microwave and video motion technology to detect movement and scan for people or objects traveling in the wrong direction. The system is designed to feature both a warning zone and an alarm zone. When an infraction is spotted, the system erupts with flashing lights and signage and broadcasts an audible alarm warning that a security breach has occurred. Simultaneously, video surveillance cameras provide live and recorded video to airport police, giving them instantaneous access to the suspect’s image. With the growing use of wireless PDAs by airport police, the images could be immediately disseminated to officers throughout the airport, significantly aiding in apprehension efforts.

The XControl2 system also offers the advantage of monitoring airport exits with little or no disruption to regular passengers.

“Protecting the nation’s airports against the threat of terrorist activity, without disrupting the normal flow of airport traffic remains a major concern for airport officials,” Brisgone said. “Unlike security checkpoints where departing travelers are slowed by searches and long lines, the XControl2 system allows disembarking passengers to travel through unobstructed exits with no need for doors or turnstiles. And with its ability to cut the time between when a breach occurs and when the perpetrator is found, officials may avoid the disruption of clearing a terminal of passengers.”