Vidient Introduces Comprehensive Video Surveillance Software, New System Provides Complete Enterprise Solution

Company's award-winning SmartCatch Software gains robust perimeter protection, alert management & access control integration

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Vidient Systems, Inc., a developer of intelligent video software that makes video surveillance cameras (CCTV) more accurate and cost effective, announced SmartCatch 2.5, the newest version of the company's award-winning product that now includes new applications for robust perimeter surveillance, the integration of an advanced real-time alert management response system, and built-in support for leading access control systems and mobile communication devices. All of the new capabilities of SmartCatch 2.5 are designed to enable more rapid, efficient and appropriate responses to security situations.

Vidient SmartCatch 2.5 provides the most comprehensive and advanced intelligent video surveillance system available today with true behavior recognition capabilities that solve real world problems not just motion detection or simple object tracking. SmartCatch 2.5 delivers a comprehensive set of behaviors that can be monitored indoors and out, including access control for tailgating and exit lane violations, facility protection for detecting loitering and unattended objects, and new advanced perimeter surveillance capabilities. SmartCatch 2.5 is the first system to provide complete protection across an entire enterprise.

It integrates seamlessly with a company's existing security infrastructure and includes a complete suite of APIs for further integration, customization of the user interface, and tailoring of applications. SmartCatch 2.5 is designed to support a customer's existing security management program, easily accommodating multiple security protocols.

"We're raising the bar by providing comprehensive video surveillance software solutions that address the widest range of security needs with an array of behaviors for applications inside or out," said Brooks McChesney, president and CEO of Vidient Systems, Inc. "SmartCatch 2.5 is the only such system that is fully integrated, from access control systems to real-time alerts of live security situations offering complete response management and quick dissemination of alert information to first responders. SmartCatch 2.5 truly represents the next-generation in video surveillance software."

New Behaviors & Features
With its range of new behaviors and features, Vidient SmartCatch 2.5 meets a broad set of security needs at major transportation hubs, businesses and government facilities and public institutions.

Its new robust behavior recognition for perimeter surveillance applications includes a sophisticated multi-tiered region-of-interest capability that classifies perimeter locations. It is able to accurately classify and distinguish between humans and vehicles and classifies all other detected items separately. It also includes powerful filters for negating background visual 'noise' and distractions, including fluctuations over water perimeter areas.

Other behaviors available for SmartCatch 2.5 include: crowd detection in which the system is sensitive enough to detect inappropriately growing crowds before problems occur; exit lane abuses by individuals attempting to travel in the wrong direction; unattended objects in which it monitors and detects the placement, size and changing quantities of objects, and vehicle tailgating where all objects, whether human or other vehicles, are accurately detected and classified.

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