Integral Technologies and CoVi Technologies Introduce High Definition Video Recording Over Analog

Orlando, Florida, September 12, 2005 - Integral Technologies, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of IT-based integrated security solutions and CoVi Technologies Inc., the leader in High Definition video surveillance solutions, today announced at the ASIS show in Orlando, Florida, a strategic development and marketing agreement naming Integral as the exclusive provider of High Definition video surveillance solutions utilizing CoVi's High Definition over Analog image processing technologies.

Altitude HD, by Integral Technologies, is a unique digital video solution, which captures and records high definition video at 3 to 4 times the resolution of a standard analog camera with frame rates up to 7.5 fps NTSC (6.25 fps PAL).

Vertical market segments like banking and the federal government requiring higher picture quality in specific areas can simply exchange their analog camera for a CoVi HD camera and install Altitude HD. There is no need for costly rewiring of the existing analog infrastructure.

"By integrating our Altitude HD with CoVi's EVQ MultiView(tm) HD series cameras, customers are getting the absolute best image quality video surveillance," stated Charlie Erickson, director of OEM solutions for Integral Technologies. "Integral is eager to provide unprecedented integrated digital security packages to its customers. Teaming with CoVi Technologies helps us do this."

The combination of Altitude HD and CoVi EVQ HD series cameras provides outstanding dynamic range and unique contrast mapping technologies to record HD video under poorly lit and strong backlight conditions. Using the superior picture quality of the EVQ MultiView(tm), Integral's exclusive Altitude HD digital video solution can capture events in the finest detail.

"With the Altitude HD, Integral has devised a unique and cost-effective way for users to take advantage of the high definition resolution and high dynamic range specially configured EVQ series MultiView(tm) HD cameras," said Val Windsor, senior director of business development, CoVi Technologies. "Together, we've developed the means for a much larger segment of the market to experience the increased capabilities provided by high definition video recording."