ADT Launches Mass Notification System for Clear Voice Communication During Emergencies

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- ADT Security Services Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, today announced the launch of its new Mass Notification system, an emergency communication system that uses “intelligible voice” to provide warnings and real-time information to people in an endangered area. The transportable system, which utilizes specialized speaker technology, can be clearly heard up to one-quarter mile away, broadcasting messages to thousands of people in seconds.

“Emergencies such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia, the hurricanes along the Gulf coast and recent terrorist attacks throughout the world remind us that disasters strike without warning and can cause massive loss of life and destruction of property,” said Paul Brisgone, director of ADT’s Federal Systems Division. “The Mass Notification system can quickly notify people of threats or broadcast messages from law enforcement or other public authorities to large gatherings on how to respond, greatly reducing the risk of death, injury and property damage.”

Law enforcement officials in Washington, D.C., recently tested the Mass Notification system during July 4th festivities on the National Mall. On hand for crowd control and informational purposes in the event of an emergency, the system proved valuable in helping reunite a family whose child had gotten lost during the annual celebration.

As opposed to a siren or horn tone alarm, ADT’s system delivers information in a precise, clearly understandable voice before, during and after an emergency.

The system also has the capacity to mount a video surveillance camera on top of the 30-foot retractable voice communication tower. The camera can pan 360 degrees, enabling officials to remotely view broad areas within range of the camera to better direct people during a disaster. Evacuation procedures, current disaster conditions, food and shelter locations and directions for large crowds during emergency situations are just some of the potential uses for the Mass Notification system.

“By providing organizations with the ability to communicate in real-time during a crisis, Mass Notification allows organizations to get the right information to the right people in time to help save lives and prevent property loss,” Brisgone said.

The system can also provide voice messages in multiple languages and accommodates both live and pre-recorded messages.

The system is already in use at various U.S. military installations throughout the world and is now available commercially to businesses, public safety agencies and other organizations.