LEGIC Identsystems Provides Security Solution to Port of Dover

Chicago, Illinois -- LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, the world's leading supplier of contactless smart card technology for personal identification applications,announced that the Port of Dover in Great Britain is using the company's advanced, multi-functional smart card technology platform as an upgrade to it's security system.

The Port of Dover, used by an international public to cross the English Channel, is one of the worldÄ…s largest ferry and cruise ship ports and one of the busiest entry and departure terminals in the world. The port handles over 14.7 million passengers, 4.4 millions cars and trucks, and 19 millions tons of freight per year with almost 10,000 employees who work in operations, administration and the supply trade. Among the stringent requirements during the evaluation of new security technologies at the port, was an access control and personal identification system that could identify and monitor the entry of as many as 60,000 persons per year at the portÄ…s various facilities.

LEGIC's advanced, multi-functional all-on-one card® solution was selected by the Dover Harbour Board due to the technologyąs highly secure and advanced smart card platform. The platform allows for access control and monitoring, time and attendance data, cashless payments and biometric identification all on one contactless smart card. LEGIC was the optimal solution for the port because of its flexibility and integration capabilities, both critical aspects to the current and future security upgrades at the facility. In addition, LEGIC's smart card was the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available. Currently, LEGIC's smart card is being used for access control, time and attendance and cashless payments.

"We are very pleased with the new LEGIC based access control system," commented project manager, Debbie Lawther. "Current costs continue to drop and administrative reports are easier to understand, and maintenance is simpler, faster and more cost-effective. With the introduction of the contactless smart card technology by LEGIC, we have formed the basis of a secure access control system at the Port of Dover which should serve us well into the future. In addition, the LEGIC Smart Card Technology provides us with the desired flexibility for continual upgrading."

All applications of LEGIC's smart card can be operated with one single identification credential. The modular LEGIC based system solution can be assembled and upgraded at any time according to individual requirements and needs, even during ongoing operation. The advantages to the LEGIC system are a complete security package with a master token. The Master Token System Control