Telular Connects Alarms for Homeowners Who Have ‘Cut the Cord’

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, ASIS INTERNATIONAL -- Responding to the ongoing trend of wireline replacement, Telular Corporation unveiled its solution to bridge the gap with the advent of the Telguard® Digital Primary Residential Alarm Communicator, built specifically for homeowners who use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and cell-only phone services. Based on Telular’s patented technology, the new Telguard Digital model TG-1 transmits alarm signals to the monitoring station over next-generation GSM digital cellular networks.

While Telular’s Telguard commercial, business and standard residential models are used for either primary or backup alarm communication, the Telguard Digital model TG-1 is designed for end-users who have decided to ‘cut the cord’. According to Strategy Analytics, 52% of adults in the United States are thinking about abandoning wireline phone service, the traditional method used for alarm systems to communicate for emergency response. Telguard Digital model TG-1 ensures economical alarm transmission to the monitoring center for homes without a phone line.

Designed for the no-phone line residential market, the Telguard Digital model TG-1 is economically priced with a dynamic feature set that includes full data reporting, automatic self test feature, and standard Contact ID alarm panel support. It also offers customers additional enhancements that are optimized for next-generation GSM networks, such as advanced 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the authentication and security of alarm signals and programmable supervisory relay output.

“VoIP adoption is growing rapidly and there needs to be a cost effective method to transmit alarms signals from the home security system to the monitoring station. The Telguard Digital model TG-1 is an answer to provide that function reliably and economically, ” said George Brody, senior vice president for Telular’s Telguard division. “The TG-1 enables security and life-safety companies to offer reliable and cost effective solution to the VoIP or cell-phone only customers.”

“Telular saw the need to bridge the gap of VoIP and cellular users that want to ditch their more expensive landline phone services,” said Mike Boyle, president and CEO of Telular Corporation. “This solution not only addresses the end users needs, but also enables security dealers to generate new revenue streams,” added Boyle.