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PelcoFiber Adds Additional Video Channels for Medium-Haul Transmissions

Clovis, CA - With the success of Pelco single channel video and video with data fiber optic products, PelcoFiber transmitters and receivers now offer more video channels to help you move more video and data farther.

The FT85041/FR85041 carries four channels of digitally encoded video with bidirectional data and the FT85081/FR85081 carries eight channels. According to Victor Biberston, Product Sales Manager, "These fiber optic transmitters and receivers exceed all requirements for the RS-250C medium haul transmission specifications and are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video standards."

Both the FT805041/FT85041 and the FT85081/FR85081 offer 8-bit digitally encoded video for high-quality multi-channel video transmission over a single fiber. "With coaxial systems, video/data begin to degrade when transmitted beyond 300 meters. But PelcoFiber products support distances up to 2 km in multi mode and 30 km in single-mode," Biberston says. The eight-channel FT85081/FR85081 transmitter and receiver have multi-mode fiber support for up to 1 km and single mode for 30km.

Modular in design, the transmitter and receiver units can be wall or rack mounted, which means installation is easy and efficient. The modules can be mounted using either Pelco RK5000PS-3U or Pelco RK5000-3U rack mounts, which provide 12 available slots for fiber optic modules. The EPS5000-120 external power supply can also provide redundant power to a fully populated RK5000PS-3U or RK5000-3U chassis.

The FT85041/FR85041 and the FT85081/FR85081 both utilize LED indicators for immediate visual monitoring of signal status, data activity and operating power. "Best of all, PelcoFiber transmitter/receiver units are compatible with and can be easily and quickly set to work with the industry's most popular multi-protocol transmission formats," Biberston says.