Lenel Introduces OnGuard 2005 Second Edition

Latest generation of integrated security platform features advances in digital video, identity management, access control and smart card applications

ASIS International - Lenel Systems International announced today that it will showcase OnGuard 2005 Second Edition in the company's booth, #1469, at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2005 trade show, September 12-15 in Orlando. The latest generation of the company's industry-catalyzing security platform, OnGuard 2005 Second Edition demonstrates Lenel's ability to continually expand its solution set to maximize the security experience for the customer. OnGuard 2005 Second Edition reaffirms Lenel's position as the premier technology innovator in the industry, while delivering maximum interoperability, performance, flexibility and value within a total product solution.

New in Digital Video Management

Multi-channel Audio Support on LNVR. OnGuard 2005 Second Edition adds multi-channel audio recording support to the Lenel Network Video Recorder (LNVR), Lenel's IP-based digital video management solution. The LNVR can now record and play back synchronized video and audio from audio-enabled IP cameras. Previously, audio was supported only on the Lenel Digital Video Recorder (LDVR).

Input & Output Support for LNVR. Beginning with OnGuard 2005 Second Edition, the LNVR can receive inputs from the dry contacts on IP cameras that support dry contacts. The LNVR can also activate outputs. Access control hardware is no longer needed to enable input and output of events between the LNVR and the OnGuard application.

MPEG-4 Support. In addition to the previously supported MJPEG, the LNVR now supports MPEG-4 from Axis and Sony IP cameras, through OnGuard OpenCapture(tm) technology. MPEG-4 video has a significantly lower bit rate-and, by extension, bandwidth and storage requirements-than MJPEG video of the same quality.

Virtual Matrix Switcher. OnGuard 2005 Second Edition offers a software-based, virtual matrix switcher. OnGuard emulates matrix switcher functionality and mimics the controls typically found on a matrix switcher keypad. This features provides the ability to directly control PTZ cameras from within the OnGuard software without the need for matrix switching hardware.

Lenel IntelligentVideo(tm) Enhancements. The latest generation of Lenel IntelligentVideo, Lenel's digital video content analysis software, incorporates numerous new features and functional enhancements. See related announcement, "Lenel Unveils New Release of Lenel IntelligentVideo."

New in Identity Management

Ten Fingerprint Capture. OnGuard now offers the ability to capture all ten of a person's fingerprints, and store them in a high resolution format in the OnGuard database. The high-resolution format meets the requirements for background checks, and can be converted into a template or pattern for verification. This information can be passed to other systems for validation, and can also be converted into a record that can be used for physical access. The captured data can be broken down or degraded to meet customer needs.

Smart Card Personalization. Information can now be encoded to a smart chip during the card printing or enrollment process. OnGuard manages all the information necessary to personalize the contact or contactless chip, and supports the leading chip types and technologies. OnGuard can request the PKI from almost any Certification Authority, and can add additional applications or data necessary to meet customer requirements.

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