Fiber SenSys Debuts Point Location Sensor at ASIS 2005

PORTLAND, OREGON - Fiber SenSys, the leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection sensors will debut a new fiber-optic physical security system at ASIS this year, and will be in Booth # 2769 discussing it's innovative solutions for Physical Security, Homeland Security, Computer Security and Point Detection based on fiber-optic physical intrusion detection systems.

Introducing SPIDeR (Simultaneous Point Intrusion Detection System) for the first time, Fiber SenSys will debut the new system that detects and localizes up to 10 intrusion events simultaneously. Rarely does a group of determined intruders attempt to attack a perimeter at the same point, and even more rarely will they attack at separate times. That's why Fiber SenSys has designed SPIDeR, an all fiber-optic intrusion detection system capable of pinpointing simultaneous intrusion attempts.

Since 1990, Fiber SenSys has been working closely with systems integrators and the U.S. Military and Defense Contractors worldwide providing physical security initiatives for perimeters and also for physical data protection, with 100% compliance with NSTISSI 7003 and its corresponding implementation guidelines contained in Air Force AFMAN 33-221. Fiber SenSys solutions have been tested and approved by the USAF Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority, and approved for PL-1 military installations.

In addition to SPIDeR, professionals attending the Fiber SenSys booth will also discuss layer-one network physical security in the context of "Total Network Protection" as executives, managers and network professionals review Fiber Sensys SecurLAN. With IP network considerations and "convergence" as a major theme at this year's security event, awareness of the vulnerability at the network physical layer is projected to increase in importance as security and risk managers seek a complete threat mitigation posture.