GE Introduces Itemiser FX for One-Touch Trace Explosives and Narcotics

Instrument uses fingertip sampling for reliability, lower cost, higher throughout

Advanced human peak detection algorithms enhance dependability in explosives mode, while multiple points on the sampling wheel speed up down time for clearing between samples, reducing false alarm rates. A unique semi-permeable membrane helps to exclude dust and dirt and can provide continued operation in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination. Rapid, automated calibration assures operational accuracy and a verification pen confirms instrument performance and reliability.

Remote control and monitoring capabilities are provided by the SecureStation 2 accessory device to reduce staffing requirements and enhance safety by performing screening while keeping operators at a safe distance. With SecureStation 2 a single operator can remotely monitor up to eight Itemiser FX instruments at a glance. The unit features simple touch screen access and an easy-to-view and navigate flat-panel display.

Substance libraries currently include a wide variety of narcotics and explosives and are readily expandable to accommodate unique user requirements and potential future needs.

Weighing only 31 pounds (14 kg) and featuring built-in handles, the Itemiser FX is easy to transport. An internal, 30-minute battery provides for instrument relocation without having to shut it off, eliminating warm-up time.