Dedicated Micros’ Introduces DV-IP Server with MPEG4

Chantilly, VA - Dedicated Micros Inc. of Chantilly, Virginia, now offers their DV-IP network video servers with MPEG4 technology.

The MPEG4 feature provides streaming video while cutting the bandwidth usage by about one-third of the normal amount of bandwidth that is required for 24/7 viewing over the network.

The technology shrinks each digital image by changing the compression to create smaller files that use less space on the network.

Fully flexible, users can independently configure the DV-IP Server’s transmission image resolution, bit rate and picture update rate.

“Many people worry about video servers eating up much needed bandwidth during work hours,” said Don Taylor, vice president of marketing for Dedicated Micros. “The DV-IP Server with MPEG4 won’t slow down worker productivity on the intranet, or the network itself.”

Additional features on the DV-IP Server with MPEG4 include a spot monitor output to provide a visual deterrent that indicates a CCTV system is in place, tamper-proof alarms and an improved audio setting. The improved audio setting allows the installer to set the audio quality to best support the specific application. The default sampling frequency is set to 8KHz, but it can be enhanced to CD-quality to meet higher audio recording requirements.