ImageID Introduces New Version of Visidot System

ImageID, Ltd. introduced a new version of its Visidot Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system, an accurate and cost-effective solution for rapid multiple-asset AIDC and asset tracking, according to the company.

In the Visidot system, assets are uniquely labeled with standard 2D data matrix bar codes, or with Visidot Colorcodes. As assets pass in front of the Visidot Reader, it captures hundreds of labels simultaneously, and transmits the information to an image processing system that decodes the data from each label. This data is exported to a data management system in XML or other standard format. Images can be stored in a separate bank, and an easy-to-use site management system controls the entire process.

The new release introduces the ability to detect and decode all variations of the Standard Data Matrix 2D bar code symbology with unprecedented speed and accuracy, according to ImageID.

"Today, the Visidot system delivers all the inherent benefits of traditional bar code technology, yet far surpasses it in terms of speed and efficiency of code capture--especially for tracking multiple assets," says Roger Hecker, product marketing manager for Visidot. "In addition, at accuracy levels near 100 percent in actual installations, the Visidot solution is both more reliable and more cost effective than RFID solutions."

The system is field proven in key manufacturing and retail industry applications, including inbound and outbound shipment verification, management of reusable assets, and identification of labels from long distances and in a large field of view.

Features in the system include: tracking and tracing reusable assets; managing bulky assets in manufacturing; and shipping verification.

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