GTO Introductes New Gate Opener Exit Wand

GTO, Inc. has come up with an automatic gate opener exit wand, or driveway probe as it is often called, that's perfect for everyone. Perfect because it will work with any brand of automatic gate opener.

Exit wands are generally used to allow free exit from a gated property such as residential communities, commercial sites and individual gates homes and ranches.

They operate similar to a traditional loop detector, but are easier to install and more economical. Instead of having to cut holes into asphalt, an installer can simply dig as 12-inch deep trench alongside the driveway and directly bury the wand at the proper location.

In the past, an exit wand application may have called for a specific brand that was compatible with the operator. But no longer. The GTO/PRO series of accessories has come up with a wand that works with any operator with voltage ranges from 8-32VDC and 8-26VAC.

"We wanted to provide our distributors with an exit wand that an installer could take to any job confident that it would work on any and all applications," said Brad Hollis, director of GTO/PRO sales.

Made in the USA, the GTO/PRO maintenance-free exit wands designed with some of the most advanced technology available. It has an adjustment potentiometer (POT), which allows the user to change the magnetic sensitivity range from a three to 12 foot radius. The POT adjustment can be changed to avoid unwanted moving metal objects such as other moving gates, metal play equipment or bicycles from activating the gate operator.

Because the GTO/PRO wand has very low power consumption (1.5 mA) it is ideal for traditional AC powered operators, battery powered operators, and solar applications. The wand has been the subject of extensive testing in all environmental applications where gate operators are installed.

GTO is so confident in the reliability of the GTO/PRO wand that it is offering the longest warranty in the industry ? a two-year limited warranty.