ArrowVision Shows More Innovations in Fingerprint Recognition for Access Control

ArrowVision Technologies, Inc., will be showing for the first time at ISC West two new innovations in the area of fingerprint ID. First, will be the debut of FingerNet, a system for networking remote fingerprint verification stations via wireless or ethernet TCP/IP (internet) channels. The second will be the advance showing of BioKnob a fingerprint ID door lock built in the form of an attractive door knob.

FingerNet has been in development at ArrowVision for over a year and is the answer to corporate, government and institutional organizations seeking the positive identification afforded by biometrics in wide area or global applications. Small, portable fingerprint scanners connected wirelessly to the Internet can be used to collect or verify fingerprints used in identification of individuals for security, financial or other reasons. Real time access to central databases of fingerprint templates enable instant positive identification beyond anything available today.

BioKnob is the first product from Tychi Systems in Salem, New Hampshire. Since the product is a novel complement to ArrowVision's established, award-winning Shepherd door locks, Tychi Systems is evaluating ArrowVision as a possible marketing channel. The first showing of BioKnob will be at ISC-West. It is a consumer-targeted, door knob and latch incorporating a very small fingerprint reader at the center of the knob. Up to 100 users can be programmed into the BioKnob, which operates with rechargeable batteries.