NovusEdge Introduces EdgeProtect Enterprise Management System

Austin, Texas ' NovusEdge, a provider of complete physical security solutions, announced today the availability of its EdgeProtect solution that combines all relevant capabilities ' access control, video surveillance, environmental monitoring and alert management ' in a single, integrated, standards-based solution. NovusEdge offers the full solution through its strategic distribution partners and selected systems integrators.

"Starting today, every building automation system (BAS), IT, and government/military systems integrator has a common integrated framework for implementing ubiquitous physical security throughout their customers' environments -- without the limitations imposed by proprietary legacy systems," said Michael Cation, NovusEdge CEO. "NovusEdge has resolved the issue of incompatibility by designing an architecture with a truly open platform that uses standard web browsers. Now we can offer buyers a common reference point for reliable, flexible and scalable security."

Controlco a large building automation integrator in Concord CA, recently installed the EdgeProtect system at their headquarters. Terry Turner, CEO of Controlco, commented, "The NovusEdge integrated system uses our existing physical and network resources and does not require any additional IT investment to implement. We will also be offering EdgeProtect to our customers as an asset protection solution. With EdgeProtect, we will be able to provide a much higher level of building control integration with physical security. And for our customers, it is much less complex and costly to operate."

The EdgeProtect solution is a comprehensive physical security solution for securing assets and mitigating risks associated with people, facilities, equipment and other mission critical assets in office buildings, military bases, campuses, or any diverse or discrete location that contains critical assets. Leveraging the Edge Operating Environment (EOE) architecture that is open and standards-based, the solution operates at the edge of existing networks. Since the intelligence is embedded at the network endpoint, it operates automatically and in real time while reducing impact on network resources.

Key components and features of the EdgeProtect solution include:

  • EdgeAccess, which provides flexible access control for as many points as needed in as many locations as desired. The design is scalable, from 1 to N doors, by adding modular controllers and software.
  • EdgeView makes video surveillance an integral part of the whole asset protection system by sending user-defined alerts in near real-time, rather than after the fact.
  • EdgeSensor incorporates monitoring and reporting of environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and water. Parameters are completely user-definable.
  • EdgeConnector hardware modules connect to EdgeController boards to deliver application-specific device connectivity.
  • EdgeAlert software that maintains a complete and accurate record of every critical asset, notifies key personnel of an event in near real-time, and allows views and management of all events affecting those assets.
  • EdgeManager console software that enables a single integrated view of events and one key point of control for monitoring and management and is based on open standards to integrate easily with industry-leading building automation system and IT management consoles.

"With the release of this new solution, NovusEdge is building on its strength and leadership in asset protection products, building automation partnerships, and IT experience that's essential for success in today's converging physical and cyber security environments, said Michael Cation. "We believe we're uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that accommodate current needs and allow for growth and change."