GE Introduces New Easy-to-Use Digital KeySafe

GE's Security business (NYSE: GE) today announced the third installment in its new AccessPoint consumer key storage product line, which keeps keys accessible and secure. The new KeySafe is an aesthetically pleasing, convenient locking key box that holds a single key and is designed to be permanently mounted on exterior door trim. It secures a single key so homeowners can safely store spare keys for themselves, children, neighbors, domestic workers, or anyone they wish to let into their homes.

KeySafe ensures that authorized individuals are always able to get in, while keeping others out. The new outdoor, wall-mounted lockbox is accessed by a pushbutton lock available in two versions - with or without a digital clock that stores the time that keys are obtained.

"With KeySafe, you can leave your key behind and avoid the hassle of ever being locked out again," said Greg Burge, General Manager of Security's Networked Solutions. "While you're away, KeySafe provides convenient and secure access to your home for family, friends or employees. Rather than making several spare copies of a key and handing them out, you can simply leave one key in a secure place at your home."

The benefits of KeySafe are many. For instance, users no longer need to carry their house keys on their key ring, lightening their loads and removing the worry that they may lose them. Parents can know when their children come home. They provide easy access to the garage for the gardener and codes can be quickly and easily changed if a new person is hired.

This convenient, simple-to-use lockbox can be mounted next to the front door for quick one-handed access at home and at vacation or rental properties. KeySafe's low profile and subtle design complement any doorframe. Its solid metal construction is weather-resistant and it mounts easily with the included screws. The combination pushbutton lock, which can be changed at any time, provides added security.

There are two versions:

KeySafe: This convenient, low profile key box can be mounted next to the door for quick one-handed access at home or vacation/rental properties. It features an easy to use combination pushbutton lock.

Digital KeySafe: This model is similar to the standard KeySafe but additionally includes an LCD display that shows the last nine access times so property owners know exactly when someone obtained a key.

Bright, colorful hanging clamshell packaging both attracts customers and sells the KeySafe solution to create incremental sales for mass merchants, hardware stores, locksmiths, grocery stores, and any other businesses that sell locks and keys. Digital KeySafe and KeySafe are available in fully loaded shelf/counter packs and clip strips.

These two new AccessPoint products are available now.