Compass to Introduce Next Generation Access Control System

Compass Technologies will introduce its next generation of access control systems at the 51st annual ASIS seminar, September 12-14, 2005.

Building off of the strong foundation of its 3, 4 and 5E systems, Compass will introduce the 6E “Evolution” access control system.

6E features a unique graphical user interface (GUI), based on Microsoft Dot Net, and takes the features of its 5E user interface, which is considered one of industries best. This user interface is distinct from all other conventional access control systems in its ability to avoid labor-intensive procedures. It allows the customer to place user information automatically into a system with minimum instruction. 6E uses an XP style desktop and a completely new report generator based on Crystal reports. As with the 5E, it will use industry standard SQL Server databases, and completely new photo ID badging, which has been developed by Compass without third party influence.

Jerry Cordasco, vice president of Compass Technologies said, "6E’s modular approach makes it easily customizable and will serve as our platform for future access control technology."