Honeywell Introduces OmniClass Smart Readers and Credentials

SYOSSET, N.Y. - Honeywell has introduced OmniClass smart card readers and credentials, the next generation of proximity control. The OmniClass family delivers proximity control with new value-add features. Advanced reader-to-credential communications plus encryption provide more security than standard 125 kHz. Credential onboard memory stores data for other applications, allowing campuses and other facilities to issue a single card.

"Honeywell is focused on providing complete, integrated security solutions to our customers," said Beth Thomas, product manager for Honeywell. "OmniClass delivers more value than traditional 125 kHz proximity control. With OmniClass, you have all the capabilities of basic prox plus you get enhanced security and the ability to store data for other applications on your card."

OmniClass family features include:

  • 64-bit security encryption of card data with a diversified key which is nearly impossible to clone.
  • Memory on-board credentials that provides secure space for use by other applications, such as ePurse or biometrics.
  • Standard Wiegand output wiring that makes OmniClass readers compatible with new and many retrofit applications.
  • Availability of multi-technology cards, with HID prox and magnetic stripe options, to support retrofit applications. Add-on smart stickers are also available for upgrading installed card base.

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