Viscount Introduces MESH Datastream Security Modules

BURNABY, BC -- Viscount Systems Inc. announced the company has begun introducing the MESH Datastream enhancement to its MESH product line. MESH Datastream modules can be remotely or centrally located using standard data cable to allow end-users to use legacy RFID and biometric readers when deploying networks of MESH enabled buildings. In addition, the modules allow Viscount to expand MESH to control a wide range of specialty devices not yet MESH enabled including Infrared, Radio Frequency, Barcode, Magstripe and Smartcard. The first system being installed will combine MESH RFID readers with MESH Datastream enabled long-range vehicle readers at gates.

"MESH Datastream dramatically increases the threat MESH to poses to traditional controller manufacturers," noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount.

"MESH Datastream modules will be expanded to connect up to 255 readers to a single server at a hardware cost less than half than our older controller technology. There is a 30-year investment in controllers and end-users cannot always afford to replace masses of systems. They can now gradually migrate to MESH readers but use MESH network software to manage existing devices in buildings."