Fargo Launches New DESFire Encoding Option to Protect Private Identity Data

Minneapolis, MN – Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced the availability of a DESFire encoding option for its card printer/encoders. DESFire, a highly secure contactless smart card technology based on the industry-leading MIFARE® platform, will offer the speed, functionality and convenience of a contactless card while maintaining a high degree of security.

DESFire allows high-speed, triple-Data Encryption Standard (3DES) RF encryption between the contactless card and the reader. It is used wherever high-speed, highly secure data transmissions are necessary such as access control, government, financial and healthcare applications.

"The key advantage of the DESFire card is the strong security provided by the smart chip technology," said John Ekers, Fargo's director of product marketing for systems and software. "The DESFire card encrypts the information stored on the chip as well as the communications between the chip and the DESFire reader.

"There are a number of ID badging project opportunities developing as a result of government initiatives like HSPD-12 and HIPAA where the operational security and privacy characteristics of the DESFire card are ideally suited. With Fargo as the first to market with this technology in our card printer/encoders, it gives us a competitive advantage," continued Ekers.

Beginning immediately with the HDP600 Card Printer/Encoder, the DESFire encoding option will be available with the full range of Fargo's High Definition Printing and Direct-to-Card product lines.