S2 NetBox Unveils Version 1.4 of Software

S2 NetBox version 1.4 introduces a number of new software capabilities and is the first release compatible with the new Series II S2 Network Controllers.

Threat levels is a new feature that allows changes in security procedures that require rapid response. Examples include facility lockdown in response to threats or partial building closure due to weather or similar events. The system adapts to changes in threat level by tailoring how access levels, unlock schedules, and alarm handling function. Threat levels can be changed by user command or in response to alarms detected by the system, and carry color codes and labels that can be customized for each system.

Photo ID badge production is also available as an option in version 1.4 and later versions of the S2 NetBox. Based on the IWS EPI Suite from ImageWare Systems, the NetBox implementation includes a rich environment for developing badge templates and permits badge selection and printing from personnel records entirely within the web browser. Users can capture and import photos on from any computer running a web browser and can mark them as candidates for printing from any badge printing station on the network. Optional support for certain common digital still cameras simplifies live image acquisition. The option supports multiple badge backgrounds and a wide range of data fields. Threat levels permit instant changes to access control and alarm procedures. Photo ID badges can be created from within the web browser.

Also included in version 1.4 systems is the S2 NetBox API, a programming interface that permits integration of the security system with other IT systems over the network. The S2 NetBox API (NBAPI) is an XML-based protocol that includes optional message authentication to assure security. The API is part of a software development kit (SDK) including documentation, code samples, and a demonstration and validation application.

Finally, as an aid to the often tedious task of determining card formats in existing card populations, the new release includes a novel facility for card format decoding that presents a graphical view of data on each card and permits discovery of card numbers, facility codes, and formats with minimal effort. The card format decoder simplifies discovery of internal card data.