Sargent and Greenleaf Introduce IP Series Remote Safe Lock System

System allows users to remotely program and control their safe lock environments

Indianapolis, IN -- Adding to its breadth of outstanding electronic safe locks, Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), a division of Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., today introduced the IP Series, a user friendly remote electronic safe lock management system. The series is specifically designed for any organization that depends on safe locks at dispersed locations including banks, financial institutions and retail organizations. The innovative solution for controlling and managing S&G electronic safe locks offers end-users a secure and convenient way to remotely program and control their safe lock environment resulting in higher productivity, lower costs and improved security.

IP Series safe lock technology delivers centralized control over an entire network of safes equipped with S&G electronic safe locks. The system ensures the integrity of the existing safe security program by connecting and operating within the user’s existing LAN/WAN network, while offering data encryption for added protection. Authorized personnel can now remotely program locks and manage user populations such as entering and deleting users and changing user codes. In addition, users can pull audit trails and generate exception reports.

The new IP Series system is a highly flexible, technology-enabled solution offering four expandable control options designed to deliver precisely the level of security organizations and security policies demand. Authorized users at multiple levels of assigned access can now control all required functions quickly and conveniently.

“Any cash-driven organization with a secure network and safes in disperse locations is a great candidate for the IP Series safe lock management system,” said Phil Pitt, director of marketing for Sargent and Greenleaf. “Security directors and other users will instantly recognize the value and impact the IP Series technology has throughout their entire enterprise.”

Local Keypad
Whenever local keypad operation is required or preferred, IP Series safe locks operate as standard electronic locks. Users must always enter their PIN code at the keypad to open the safe.

Web-enabled (One-to-One)
The unique web-enabled technology in the keypad of the IP Series system allows authorized network users to program and control a safe lock remotely using a simple browser and PC. Therefore, users don’t have to hassle with purchasing, loading and supporting any new software into their existing systems to perform and complete an array of basic operations. The technology allows users to simply assign an IP address to the keypad.

Functions include:

  • Set and start time delay from browser interface
  • Set time lock and holiday schedules
  • Remote code management or creating users, deleting users and changing user codes
  • Easy integration of the IP Series system with other IP devices such as cameras and alarm systems

Lock Management Program (LMP) (One-to-Many)
Optional LMP software allows IP Series users to easily create and manage templates that define lock programming. Applied remotely to a large group of locks, these templates eliminate the need to program each lock individually. Additionally, IP Series safe lock technology helps eliminate the need for an authorized, physical presence at the safe lock without compromising security and control.

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