Sargent and Greenleaf Introduce IP Series Remote Safe Lock System

System allows users to remotely program and control their safe lock environments

The IP Series technology allows users to instantly pull audit trail reports from S&G audit trail locks. Other products record information onto a key before the key is physically mailed back to headquarters and uploaded into a PC. This time consuming process is eliminated with the time saving and efficient IP Series audit trail, which downloads audit information from the lock online within seconds. This has a positive impact on human resource management by eliminating the need to send personnel to individual locations to pull the audit trail.

Exception Reporter
Optional Exception Reporting software further enhances the IP Series capabilities, allowing authorized users to quickly program operational rules and generate immediate exception reports. The reports are sent in an email alert to designated persons for action. Users can establish operating parameters for a safe to help enforce security policy including door open times, bolt retraction times, network failure and power disruption. If any of these parameters are violated, an email alert is sent out instantly to designated personnel. An alert can be sent to a PC, or to other e-mail enabled devices such as a cell phone or PDA. No matter the location, the user can stay in touch with the security policy.

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