Integrated Engineering Introduces New Lighted Keypad Reader

Integrated Engineering (IE), a Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality products that provides contact less smart card solutions, has expanded the current product line with an ISO14443 reader with lighted keypad. The reader is based on the new SmartReader hardware platform.

The new ISO 14443-4 reader with lighted keypad adds extra security to those access points where you need double (card + PIN) authentication. To improve the user PIN interface in low light areas, and after dark, IE has built-in red lights to backlight the keypad buttons. To conserve power the keypad backlighting is automatically activated when a card is presented or a key is pressed.

Naturally this combined card and PIN reader is fully configurable providing the flexibility and compliance expected from all Integrated Engineering readers. The patented flash configuration capability allows IE readers to be completely reprogrammed, even after the reader is already installed.

This new PIN reader can be configured to read any ISO 14443 cards. The pin output format and length are configurable and independent of the card output. The new lighted keypad reader has been developed for use indoors and outdoors.

The optional tamper switch is used to detect unauthorised tampering with the reader. When connected tampering or removal of the reader will send a warning signal to the host system.

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