Nortech Control Systems Designs Parking System Encoder for Hotels, Railways

The unique multiple design and production skills of customDesignTechnologies have combined to provide a custom membrane keypad and enclosure for the latest parking system encoder from leading access control system manufacturer Nortech Control Systems.

Nortech Control Systems' new NortimePro is a unique access control system particularly suited to applications that require parking to be controlled and limited by time and date such as in hotel, railway and similar situations. Cards are encoded at a reception point and subsequently used to gain access to and from a parking area. The cards can be validated for a pre-determined period during which they will normally be returned to the user and after which they can be retained allowing them to be reused.

NortimePro features two primary components, the encoder and the reader/controller. The encoder is a self-contained unit normally sited in an easily accessible place that would be permanently manned such as an hotel reception desk. The reader is supplied with a dedicated controller and power supply normally housed in a control reader housing. The system is made cost-effective as the two components do not need to be physically connected together cutting down on installation costs and simplifying expansion of the system at a later date as required. The units are synchronized together by time and date. Furthermore, there is no limit to the numbers of readers/encoders that may be used on any site as distance between them is not an issue.

When it came to the design of the encoder, Nortech Control Systems required a housing that would be sufficiently smart to be used in exclusive hotel reception areas and turned to customDesignTechnologies, a company with many years experience in design and integration of such systems.

Alan Dimery, Nortech Control Systems' operations manager comments, "We needed to house the encoder in an enclosure that would look smart enough for use in hotel reception areas but at the same time we weren't looking at a high volume production run that would make a custom molded enclosure a practical proposition."