Brivo Announces Release of Version 12.16 of the Brivo ACS Online Application

Bethesda, MD -- Brivo Systems, the leader of web applications for access control and security systems, is pleased to announce the release of Version 12.16 of the Brivo ACS Online Application and Firmware Version 2.0.3 for the ACS4000-W. The release to the ACS Online Application includes an updated look and feel to the user interface, enhancements for adding unknown credentials and enhanced reporting for Schedule Relationships. These exciting new enhancements were made available to all end-users this morning as part of their ongoing service relationship with Brivo.

The new interface has been updated to make more extensive use of HTML, rather than images, for faster download times, larger data displays and ease of resizing the browser window. “We’ve redesigned the user interface from the bottom up to improve navigation, readability, and most importantly, ease of use,” said Steve Van Till, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Brivo Systems.

Version 12.16 of the ACS Online Application includes a solution, called Swipe to Enroll, where administrators can add unknown cards to a customer’s account even when the card is an unknown type. A new link added to the interface takes an administrator to a history page of all unknown cards used at any reader within the last twenty-four hours. From that page, administrators will have the ability to add those cards to their Card Bank. The card can also be given a non-numeric name.

Brivo has also enhanced the Activity Log to present the number of bits along with the HEX value of an unknown card. This information is particularly helpful for administrators manually entering cards into the Card Bank.

Improved reporting on Schedule Relationships is also now available. A new option, called View Schedule Relationships, has been added to the View Schedule page. Administrators can now view a list of groups, devices and notifications associated for any given schedule.

Firmware Version 2.0.3 for the ACS4000-W now contains code to automatically recover from additional types of network outages. For more information on this update, contact Brivo Technical Support at 1-866-274-8648 or at