Integral Technologies Introduces Intelli-M e-Series Power over Ethernet

Indianapolis, Indiana - Integral Technologies announces its next generation access control solution, Intelli-M e-series, which maximizes the full power of the Internet while providing Power over Ethernet.

With Power over Ethernet technology, power and communications are delivered to the door controller via a single CAT 5 cable, greatly reducing installation costs and providing power for door locks and readers' controllers. Unlike competitor products, the Intelli-M e-series uses Power over Ethernet cabling to provide up to 1 amp of power for all connected peripherals.

Accessible through any secure remote Internet connection, Intelli-M e-series' embedded Web server allows users to communicate with a single stand-alone door from a PC workstation anywhere in the world, without requiring additional software. As a system grows beyond several doors, Integral's "Supervisor Plus" management software provides all the standard management tools of an access control system.

The Intelli-M e-series boasts revolutionary door controllers that easily install above any door in a standard double-gang box. As a result of the Intelli-M e-series' compact design, previously unachievable applications are now viable, showcasing the true versatility provided by the system.

Not only does the Intelli-M e-series operate with complete autonomy, independent of a network or PC workstation, but it can also be configured in various ways, allowing the user considerable flexibility. Additionally, the Intelli-M e-series offers true peer-to-peer communications architecture, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the system despite potential server malfunctions.

To ensure superior access control, the Intelli-M e-series features encrypted communications and offers users remarkable scalability, reliability and integrated security for any installation.

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