Compass Technologies Introduces New Generation of Access Control Software

Exton, PA -- Compass Technologies has introduced its next generation of access control software. Building off of the strong foundation of its 3, 4 and 5E systems, the Compass 6E version is fully backward compatible with 5E system hardware, and offers Advanced Security State-of-the-Art Simplicityâ„¢.

6E features a unique graphical user interface (GUI), based on Microsoft .net framework, and takes many of the features of 5E, considered one of industry’s best. This new information architecture is distinct from all other conventional access control systems because of the method it uses to allow customers to enter user information and system operating parameters quickly, easily and with minimum prior instruction.

6E uses an XP style desktop and a completely new report generator based on the industry standard, Crystal Reports. As with the 5E, it will use industry standard SQL Server or MSDE databases, and a fully integrated, completely new photo ID badging module, which has been entirely developed by Compass.

The 6E is completely scalable and designed for small buildings and schools as well as very large, multi-building, geographically spread facilities. Its highly reliable management of data, ability to handle large transaction loads, Database Partitioning, DVR Integration and LAN/WAN compatibility places it at the cutting edge of Access Control and Alarm Management technology.

Jerry Cordasco, Vice President and General Manager of Compass Technologies said, “6E’s unique modular approach makes it easily customizable and will serve as our platform for future access control technology.”

Compass Technologies is located in Exton, Penn., and is online at