Keyscan Introduces Global Anti-Passback for Its Access Control Systems

Pickering, Ontario - Constantly seeking to give customers value-added product improvements, Keyscan Inc, announced today a major re-development of the anti-passback function for its access control systems. With the release of its latest System V software version (5.6.0), Keyscan introduces Global anti-passback. When connected with the new Global Communication Module, Keyscan's Global anti-passback can be applied across multiple access control units. This gives end-users the ability of incorporating far more "in" and "out" readers within the access control system and also provide greater latitude in configuring anti-passback perimeters and partitions within the building.

"At Keyscan, the task is to design and build reliable products as well as evolve our access control systems so new features and improvements are relevant to the needs of our customers. Global anti-passback was developed in response to those needs and gives our customers an added dynamic in meeting today's heightened security challenges," says John Megarry, Director of Marketing at Keyscan.

Through re-engineering the access control system hardware and software, Global anti-passback, unlike the previous version, is not PC dependent. It's regulated at the access control unit so anti-passback is always enforced, even in the event of a computer failure or the network goes down. Selectable modes - hard, soft, and timed - ensure the end-user has a range of settings that satisfy almost any security requirement. It even includes an Executive Access option exempting specified cardholder groups from anti-passback restrictions on all or individual ACUs. Global anti-passback provides end-users with the means of laying out a much more sophisticated network of "in" and "out" readers to prevent illicit card passback activity and keep a more accurate picture of cardholder whereabouts.

Keyscan is a privately-owned manufacturer of access control systems, specialized communication hardware, and related software products. Designed for a wide range of access control requirements, Keyscan systems can be integrated with building maintenance, alarm monitoring, closed-circuit television, photobadge identification, and visitor management. Keyscan systems are used across a broad market spectrum for securing industrial, commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

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