Keyscan Launches IOCB1616 Input/Output Board

Pickering, Ontario - Keyscan Inc. today announced the launch of the IOCB1616 input/output control board. It's designed specifically as an auxiliary relay board for integrating additional security and building components within the access control system. The IOCB1616 is equipped with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Programmed through the System V software, single or multiple input devices such as motion sensors, push buttons, or other sensing devices can be assigned to trigger output devices such as CCTV cameras, alarms, lights, HVAC or other systems. The IOCB1616 is extremely flexible and highly adaptable. Not only does it provide 7 different modes that include delays, output duration times, or pulsing, the IOCB1616 can be scheduled to automatically activate and de-activate specific inputs or outputs. With adjustable jumper settings, inputs can be set to non-supervised/digital inputs, Class A supervised inputs or Class B supervised inputs to suit security requirements. Up to 4 IOCB1616 control boards for a total of 64 inputs and 64 outputs can be connected to a single Keyscan CA 4000 or CA 8000 access control unit.

Keyscan is a privately-owned manufacturer of access control systems, specialized communication hardware, and related software products. Designed for a wide range of access control requirements, Keyscan systems can be integrated with building maintenance, alarm monitoring, closed-circuit television, photobadge identification, and visitor management systems. Keyscan systems are used across a broad market spectrum for securing industrial, commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

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