Honeywell Introduces NS2+ Control Panel for Increased Productivity and Faster Processing

LOUISVILLE, KY - Honeywell today introduced the NS2+ Controller, which provides the same durability as the N-1000 control panel, but is equipped with advanced capabilities for today's changing market.

Designed to work with legacy N-1000 control panels, the NS2+ can be installed wherever there is an N-1000 in place, though it can also be used in new installations too.

"The NS2+ Controller is setting the pace for the next generation of control panels," said John A. Smith, product marketing manager for Honeywell Access Systems. "Devices today require more memory, faster processors and IP-based communications, and the NS2+ will help dealers and their customers stay ahead of technology."

The NS2+ provides the following benefits to dealers:

  • Easy to install: Simple mounting instructions and removable terminals make installation quick and easy.
  • Expandable: The NS2+ allows two-door increments to expand to whatever size system is required.
  • Flexible communication options: Using a direct connect RS-232 port, a modular RS-485 or optional snap-in Ethernet module, it's flexible enough to fit almost any need.
  • Increased productivity: Includes a 32-bit processor capable of processing information much faster than the legacy N-1000 and other control panels. This means less waiting time for downloads, un-buffering events and initialization.
  • Reduced service costs: New features or updates for the NS2+ can be flashed from the dealer's office over an Ethernet or modem connection - no need to replace chips or send a service technician.
  • Minimize installation space: Capable of mounting in a rack mount enclosure, which can hold up to nine boards. Troubleshooting is simple since all controls are housed in one cabinet, and the enclosure can fit into almost any mounting location.

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