GE Transition Card Readers Now Work with 3 Most Popular Smart Card Formats

GE's Security business has announced that its popular Transition Series multi-technology card readers, which have been multi-vendor 125KHz proximity compatible with GE and HID Proximity cards as well as contactless smart cards that meet Mifare (ISO 14443A) and Vicinity (ISO 15693) standards, now also read HID Corporate 1000 CSN proximity cards and HID's iCLASS smart cards. They also work with most types of access control systems employing Wiegand-based data communications up to 64-bits, including the most popular biometric technologies.

"Whether smart cards are used now or will be implemented in the future, it's important that users are not tied into one format only," said Steve Walin, Director of Product Development, Engineered Systems. "We want to establish a flexible, scalable, non-proprietary framework that lets organizations maintain their current user bases, yet upgrade their access control systems to meet new security requirements on their own timelines within budget."

GE's Transition Series readers let companies continue to use their existing proximity cards and easily migrate to more secure access control when opportune. They also allow multi-national organizations that use a variety of legacy credentials to access facilities company-wide.

Transition readers also feature intelligent four-state supervision that continuously monitors for a cut line, short circuit, closed circuit, and open circuit conditions at door contacts and request to exit (REX) connections. Tri-state LEDs and audible alerts indicate status, alarm and perimeter-tampering conditions. An internal tamper switch automatically alerts security personnel if the reader is violated. This supervision ensures that security personnel are immediately notified if someone tampers with the reader, a door is breached, or a circuit is bypassed, either by cutting or shorting. Upon an alert, the reader is removed from the system.

The Transition Series card readers also offer expanded hassle-free contactless convenience when entering and exiting secure facilities. A special optimization technology automatically adjusts to a wide range of installation environments to provide consistent read range performance no matter where or on what the reader is mounted. It automatically detects and optimizes the credential read field, even in challenging environments with metal surfaces. By optimizing the card readers to any metal or non-metal environment, cardholders experience consistent reader performance, regardless of location or environment.

Customers can choose from a variety of wall and doorframe (mullion) readers, all of which feature a compact housing with or without keypads in light gray, charcoal or black.

GE Transition Series readers that read HID Corporate 1000 CSN proximity and iCLASS smart cards are available now.