Active RFID Used by Food Service Companies for Security, Safety and Efficiency

AXCESS International Inc., a provider of Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems today announced its wireless tagging system, ActiveTag, is being used at JFK International Airport by food service companies to automatically control vehicle access, increase efficiency and improve the safety of the drivers. The system, installed by Digital Watchguard, provides automatic identification and validation of authorized trucks, thereby improving security and safety, while reducing the time it takes to enter the facility.

"We were approached by a food service company at JFK to help alleviate congestion caused by trucks waiting to enter the facility," commented Peter Macholz, President of Digital Watchguard. "Each driver had to exit the truck, manually enter a key code and then drive the truck through the gate as it opened; causing trucks to back up onto the runway during peak working hours. AXCESS provided a more efficient solution while actually increasing security.

After successfully implementing the first system at JFK, we were able to easily replicate it for another food service company at the same airport." An underground road loop antenna activates a metal mount tag located under the hood as the truck approaches the gate. The tag transmits the identification to a palm-sized receiver tied to the gate controller for "rolling vehicle access". Access is now provided immediately for authorized vehicles at the gates where previously a keypad entry system was used. Now, with automatic identification and access, there are no key codes to remember that can compromise security and the driver never leaves the vehicle to enter a code, thus increasing security, efficiency and safety.

"The JFK Airport installations are another example of how our vehicle access control system can be so easily replicated for each project and across multiple industries," commented Ben Donohue, VP of Business Development for AXCESS. "These installations were designed similar to our previous vehicle access control system installed at JFK Airport for fuel trucks, where both efficiency and security need to work hand in hand. Our airport security success also includes the tagging and tracking of personnel through virtual control zones within warehouses. We see many benefits of using active RFID for airport security and efficiency."