ExitSentry Installed at Tulsa International Airport

Cernium, a developer of behavior recognition software and intelligent video surveillance, announced that Tulsa International Airport (TIA) has selected Cernium's ExitSentry to monitor airport concourse areas. ExitSentry is the patented intelligent video monitoring technology that prevents, detects, and records exit lane intrusions. ExitSentry prevents individuals and objects from entering undetected into a concourse area through an exit lane in an effort to avoid security. The ExitSentry installation at TIA is one component of a recently completed overall update to TIA's concourse, which includes a new centralized security processing center designed to improve safety, efficiency and passenger flow.

Cernium has been installing ExitSentry since 1996, and currently has more than 45 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved exit lane installations of ExitSentry at 23 airports in North America, including Tulsa International.

"Cernium is pleased to assist TIA with security improvements at the airport's concourse exits with ExitSentry, the proven, trusted system for monitoring airport concourse exit areas 24-7-365," said Ken Vondrasek, Technical Relationship Manager, Cernium. "ExitSentry actually enables a tightening of security at concourse exit areas, while streamlining passenger flow, and allowing TIA to more efficiently allocate screening checkpoint resources."

Through a system of video surveillance cameras, behavior-recognition software, audio and visual alerts, and digital recording devices, ExitSentry monitors for individuals and objects moving in the wrong direction through an exit area. If the system detects this activity, it triggers a warning, and if the intrusion continues further into the exit area, ExitSentry activates a higher priority alarm mode. With ExitSentry's digital video, all intrusions are recorded and instantly played back on video so that the intruder is easily identified. Alarms are activated and color photocopies of the intruder are printed for quick and accurate reference in apprehension by security personnel.

Cernium is also the developer of the Perceptrak intelligent video surveillance and behavior recognition system which monitors and analyzes security video feeds for 16 pre-defined human and vehicular suspicious behaviors, and then alerts security personnel in real-time. Perceptrak is currently being used worldwide to protect U.S. government facilities, university and corporate campuses, parking facilities,