GVI Security Access Control System 300 Complies with Directive 12

CARROLLTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2005--GVI Security Solutions announced that its GVI Access Control System 300 has achieved compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive Number 12 (HSPD-12), a mandated U.S. Presidential directive to establish a common identification standard for all Federal Government employees and contractors. The system also meets specified intent of Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201).

This achievement positions GVI as a leading provider of the only single access controller in compliance with this Homeland Security Presidential Directive. This Access Control System 300 is vital to serve an important and growing segment of the multi-billion dollar access control market.

The GVI Access Control System 300 provides all biometric features on a single access controller while ensuring network encryption and added security of all data. Providing all these features on a single access controller creates substantial cost advantages for this system. It not only reduces equipment costs for the customer, but it also creates considerable labor savings as it greatly reduces the complexity in managing advanced biometric security systems.

"This system is our swift response to clients' needs who in addition to existing multiple access systems required a solution for one-time entry of security-sensitive areas only. We are very pleased to offer a product of such high biometric security standards and expect significant interest and brisk sales. GVI is committed to delivering cost effective solutions that enhance our clients' security platforms and exceeds all Government standards," said Mark Phillips, Vice President GVI Access Control.

GVI Access System 300 supports direct connection of RS-485 Biometric readers to access control door modules. This eliminates the need for a separate RS-485 network and utilizes the RS-485 network used within the access control system. Due to the enrollment in a direct biometric template through its access control software no additional software programs are required. Biometric templates can be stored in the access control primary system controller for higher security or placed directly onto smart cards.

The GVI access Control System 300 also supports FIPS 197, AES 128 bit encryption. All biometric data along with all other cardholder data sent over communication lines are encrypted with AES-128.

On Aug. 27, 2004, President George W. Bush issued HSPD-12 calling for a mandatory, government-wide standard for secure and reliable forms of identification issued by the federal government to its employees and to the employees of federal contractors.

According to the directive, "secure and reliable forms of identification" means identification that is based on sound criteria for verifying an individual employee's identity; is strongly resistant to identity fraud, tampering, counterfeiting, and terrorist exploitation; uses electronic methods of rapid authentication; and is issued only by providers whose reliability has been established by an official accreditation process.