BioSecurIT Announces First Customer, the FAA

NORTH CHELMSFORD, Mass. -- BioSecurIT, Inc., a newly established manufacturer of systems for high security environments employing integrated biometrics, high resolution digital video, voice, RFID, and secure archiving, today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took delivery of BioSecurIT's first SentryPort(TM) system.

SentryPort makes certain that persons attempting to gain access to secure facilities actually are who they purport to be and are permitted to access the area. SentryPort uses unique biometric traits to confirm the identity of individuals, eliminating the possibility that a lost, stolen, duplicated, or transferred ID card could be used for unauthorized access.

"Our mission is to protect critical operations from those who might want to compromise the central role the FAA plays in our nation's air safety," said Alan C. S. White, Special Agent in the Security and Investigations Branch of the FAA. "We must be certain that anyone entering a secure area has permission. As security expands, biometrics provide that undeniable proof while staying within the bounds of our personnel and equipment resources."

The need for accurate, non-invasive confirmation of identity that also dovetailed with digital video surveillance made facial recognition the biometric of choice for the FAA. "BioSecurIT was able to develop and deliver a superior product that performed better in multi-door facilities than anything we have tried to date," said White. "We intend to expand its use across other sites."

The FAA represents just one type of opportunity for SentryPort, but a very significant one. "We built the product to meet and exceed the FAA's stringent requirements," said John Matera, president of BioSecurIT. "Customers in finance, utility, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, as well as other government agencies, will benefit from the rigorous standards they set."