Viscount's MESH Secures New Labette Bank Headquarters

Viscount Systems Inc. announced the Company's MESH system is being installed at the new headquarters of Kansas-based Labette Bank. The MESH Readerserver and operating system is being used to control digital access readers at key doors and to provide database management and event logs.'

''With this as the first major banking application for MESH, our portfolio of government and commercial installations continues to expand,'' noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount. ''These and other reference sites are creating additional sales interest from related firms and continue to increase the credibility of MESH as a more affordable and IT compatible alternative to older card access controller technology.'''

''We were excited to move to a digital, IT-based card access system for our new building,'' commented Mr. Nicholas Borror, Manager of Information Technology for Labette Bank. ''We have saved on both wiring and hardware, and MESH was the only operating system available that supports these digital card readers.''